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The Salon

The Salon

Kid-friendly doesn’t have to mean anti-adult.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a little busy, a lot under-caffeinated Mama (or Papa) with a cell phone charged to about 30%. And your kid? A delightful, high-spirited wiggleworm in desperate need of a haircut.

Enter Sit Still.

For you, we’ve got cold brew (or wine), good music, a chill lounge with free wi-fi and a sweet little shop in case you’re in the mood to pick out some toys, gifts or hair product. For your kiddo, we’ve got toys, videos, cool seats and the most attentive, welcoming, understanding, patient — and fun — stylists in town. That can also serve up some really stylish hair.

Haircuts don’t have to be stressful.

We believe that every child deserves a good salon experience. So we’ve reserved specific hours for our kids with special needs: 9-10 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays. Give us a call for a consultation and to book by-appointment-only services, where we can be extra flexible — and extra supportive — in meeting you and your kiddo’s needs.

You’ve Got Q’s. We’ve Got A’s.

What is included in your hair cut?
Expect a thorough consultation, cut and style. Our Stylists take pride in being hair care experts, which means they’ll take the time to discuss the health of your child’s hair, style options best suited for their hair texture, and products that will style, untangle, and protect your child’s delicate hair and skin. Need a shampoo? No problem — just add to any haircut.

How do I know what my style options are?
We have options! Look for our Sit Still lookbook located in the lounge area of the salon if you’re looking for some style inspiration for all hair types and textures.

What can I do to prepare my child for a good experience?
You know your kiddo best, but here are a few helpful tips to prepare for your first trip to Sit Still:

  • Chat them up! A little advance hype for the visit can make them much more excited about the prospect of some good hair.
  • Visit the salon. Stop in and say hi before your appointment! We’ll show your child around and show them what makes our space special. Or arrive a little early if possible.
  • Make sure they’re rested and fed. We’ve all been there: a tired/hungry kiddo = meltdown o’clock.
  • Words matter! Some kids may hear “cut” and think “ouch.” Consider using a different term, like “hairstyle” or “hair trim”.
  • When booking your appointment online, drop us a note. Before finalizing the booking process, look for the prompt “Anything we should know? Add a note”. Details to share include your child’s name, preference for clippers or shears, reactions to any prior hair cut experience, etc. 

Can I bring my child’s friends or my other children with me even if they’re not receiving a service?
Sure! Just don’t leave them unattended — and if they’re not getting a service, they’ll need to stay in the lounge

How do I know what service to request?
Take a few minutes to review our menu before you book your appointment. Most of the info is there — but if you have additional questions, just give us a call.

What kind of entertainment and/or distractions do you provide during the service?
We have child-appropriate programs playing on all of the tablets in the salon, custom-made car chairs, and a sweet selection of toys and books.

Do you provide alternatives to DumDum lollipops as an after service treat?
Yep! We have dentist approved xylitol based lollipops that kids and parents love alike.