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Caroline Weiner’s entrepreneurial spirit and hustle looms large at Sit Still. While living overseas in China, she kicked off her career running her own jewelry business as a one-woman shop, designing, sourcing precious gems worldwide, developing manufacturing relationships in Asia and selling the jewelry in the US.  After she and her husband moved back to the US, Caroline decided to slow down a bit, managing a Seattle Barre3 franchise. Soon, she was elevated from that role to the B3 home office, where she worked closely with both Amy and Jenni — first running franchise operations, then new studio openings and finally, renewals and resales. At Sit Still, Caroline manages everything building up to the opening of the franchise, including high-level project management, preparing franchisees with marketing solutions, making sure franchisees are sticking to the critical path — and after opening, ensuring they’re compliant with the brand and legal guidelines.  When she’s not at Sit Still, Caroline is exploring Seattle with her husband and two young kiddos, and spending the rainy season snow-birding in Florida.