What is included in your Full service hair cut?
Our haircut service typically includes a consultation, shampoo, cut and style. We work with you to create an individual look for your child that is stylish as well as low maintenance, while maintaining an environment that is enjoyable for the whole family.

What can I do to prepare my child for a good experience? 
We know you know your child best, and what works for him or her, but there are a few helpful ideas that we've found an help in preparing your child for his first (or second or third!) visit:

  • Talk to your child in advance of the visit about where he or she is going and what they can expect (if you're excited, your child will be too!)
  • Make sure they are rested and have eaten recently.
  • If necessary come early to familiarize your child with our salon.
  • Try to choose words that won't scare your child. "Haircut" may not be the best term to use. Many children hear the word "cut" and think “ouch!” Some alternatives may be: "hair style, hair do, or trim"

Can I bring my child's friends or my other children with me even if they're not receiving a service?
Sure! We ask that you don't leave them unattended and that children not receiving a service stay in the waiting area since there are sharp implements in use on the salon floor.

How do I know what service to request? 
Our menu provides a list of all our services. Take a few minutes to review it before you schedule your appointment. It should have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which services are right for your child. If you are still not sure and have additional questions, simply ask us when you make your appointment.

What kind of entertainment and/or distractions do you provide during the service?
We have child appropriate programs playing on all of the televisions in the salon, fun salon chairs, and a great selection of toys and books. If there is a movie or something special you think might help make your child's experience even more enjoyable, feel free to bring it in.

Do you provide alternatives to candy as an after service treat?
Yes, we have small toys for them to choose from as well.